Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Courtney McClean and the Dirty Girls “This One’s For Dad”

(Stand Up!Although the sole political number on this release is a hardcore sex tune about lusting after Joe Biden (rhymes with "legs widen" and "slide in"), these Sweetloins of the Rodeo have a lot in common with their musical forebearers Mark Russell and the Capitol Steps. Mainly, that their clever, wordy ditties are profoundly unfunny. That said, David Allan Coe's porno country record is super unfunny as well, but at least that one's so clumsy and crazy and bizarre it's interesting. This is just dirty songs with rhythms that ruin the timing of the jokes and lengthy vocabulary SAT lyrics that ruin the phrasing of the songs (it's a funny idea to say 'vas deferens' in a lyric, but not an actual funny practice). I suppose there's also the stand up/improv element of leaving in lengthy in-studio charter, but that only takes them to 'almost funny.' Which is an improvement. All that said, there are so many people that love country and so many people that love hardcore boning descriptions that if the overlapping area of a venn diagram coupling these two demographics was a gaping vagina you could easily fit every boner in Texas in there. So they have a potential audience!

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