Monday, June 9, 2014

Bengt Washburn “Bengt Over in Europe”

(Stand Up) Despite the title this was not recorded in Europe, but rather in America by a guy living in Europe because his wife is in the military and he needs the health insurance. Yet the title is fitting as the smart, unintentionally worldly Washburn really does take us on an international journey of laughter, reporting trash and toilet truths from across the Continent, and more impressively, making viable, funny stand up jokes that express a working knowledge of global history, imperialism, and (to some degree) political science. However, that the naughty Mormon (who still can’t help but apologize instantly after crossing the line with child molesting or Holocaust material) is clever enough to open with poop jokes and close with dick jokes shows that in the world of comedy, one must never forget that worldliness truly begins and ends in your pants.

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