Tuesday, February 2, 2021

King Cat Comics and Stories No. 80 by John Porcellino


(spitandahhalf.com, 2020) If I were David Allan Coe and John P. were Steve Goodman and he told me this was the perfect King Cat I woulda told him it was not the perfect King Cat because he hadn't said anything about mosquitos or koans or, I guess, a Bears logo, though we know what's on the cap he's wearing...shit, I can't think of anything else...so on second thought, this is close enough to perfect for me. In fact, I'd call it a BLOCKBUSTER issue! There's a wedding! A pet dies...and they get a new pet! His mom kisses a monkey! That last one isn't really prototypical King Cat, but anytime any mom kisses a monkey I'm throwing points their way. Plus so much nature art! So many dreams (some surprisingly sympathetic to Trump...but it is a dream sequence)! Extra long blowout Top 40 list (and Professor J's Criterion DVD made Top 10!)! Madonna's clitoris earns a mention! Obviously I cannot recommend this highly enough.

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