Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Oh Snap! Pickle Slices

(Oh Snap, 2020) These are fine, fresh tasting pickle slices with nice flavor and they boast of no extra brine, so you wont spill much pickle juice on your car upholstery (though you might spill a little, hopefully the Febreze works). Still, a liquor store/gas station giant pickle in a bag is a technology that does not need to be improved upon. Sure they are overly chewy, borderline too big to bite, and all of them seem to have been pickled during the Clinton presidency. But they are some perfect-assed snacks. But this is the real world, and there are plenty of days when you are not in a liquor store or gas station so there's honor in gentrifying the pickle bag so you can get your portable pickle on even when you are in an upscale store, so god bless them. But these are not nearly as satisfying as eating yourself sick on a rubbery football-sized former vegetable.

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