Friday, February 26, 2021

Superteam Family/Brave and Bold Lost Blogspot

( This is just insane...every day, for almost ten years, this dude has posted an imaginary archival team up cover featuring characters from different companies/universes that he creates by seamlessly overlapping images from existing covers...and then he does it again 3000+ more times! Every day he does this! I do not know how he cannot be more famous  and I do not know why this took me so long to discover and I can't imagine how he can find the time to never fall short of this dasily goal. I write a review a day but I don't take more than a three minutes writing any of them, I mainly do it as an exercise to get some writing in, but this dude creates a concept and executes it and takes time to make it look good and adds captions and makes it funny and has lore for his team ups where stories (which only exist on covers he made up!) continue in later numbered issues, and this is amazing and bananas! Good job Russ are an Intenret superhero and may all your Team Ups be great!