Monday, February 1, 2021

"The End Is Here: The Last Label In The World Presents The Last Bands On Earth"


(Saustex, 2020)  The cover art is literally rat-fucking! And there are actually songs about  rats and roaches and Gumby on this, so all kinds of pests are celebrated. I expected there to be mostly Texas White Trash tongue in cheek honkin' tonkin' on this, but it was pleasantly surprised by the sonic diverse (not always pleasant, as righteously indignant lo fi white rap is included), and I loved the rock n roll and word jazz and metal and everything else. I also liked how raw and cheap and loose most of this was, recalling cobbled together pre-Garage Band comps of yore. Req'd, Pussy Gillete, and Gools are my fave new-to-me bands, and I was pleased with Saustex vets Churchwood, who delivered a Lone Star rock masterpiece, Hamell On Trial, who took on Trumpsters, and Hickoids who turned the classic rock up to 11.5.

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