Wednesday, February 17, 2021

The Whole Shabang


(Keefe, 2021) These are very good chips, and the "super-seasoned" thing is deftly finessed, offering a lot of flavor without being overly salty or unpleasantly hot. I only see these is certain spots on the South Side and I thought maybe these were being awkwardly marketed to Black communities with a slang product name that does not seem to have that much resonance or specificity but it turned out the real story is about super specific tastes. This brand apparently is such a popular snack amongst the incarcerated that the company began offering it outside of prisons and jails because of demand by freed or paroled Shabangers. So if you see a store stocking this feel secure and proud to be surrounded by those receiving second (or greater) chances. And we now know prison populations are fine arbiters of snacky goodness. I would suggest paid focus group taste testing as a new prison job, but obviously that would devolve into some Tuskegee shit in a matter of weeks, so this is a case where we will just have to count on capitalism to help us get guidance from discerning inmates on our leisure food options.

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