Saturday, August 14, 2021

Eddie Arnold "Have Guitar Will Travel"


(RCA, 1959) I went thrifting in a Roswell, NM strip mall Salvation Army. I kind of wanted to get a record from 1947 that might have been spinning while aliens were (allegedly) crashing. But no way a 78 was gonna make it back to Chicago intact. The closest I got was a somewhat otherworldy Harmonicats 10" from 1950. This find barely even was even from the 1950s, those aliens were well-decomposed by the time this was purchased. But IT IS SO GOOD! That dude could just sing! And the theme is air travel, sort of (it is all US city songs like "Georgia On My Mind," with a great airport LP cover) so it is sort of space ship themed, in a way. And there were genuine weirdos in the thrift store. So i rate this record "Thrift Score!"

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