Friday, August 20, 2021

Kip Addotta "Life In The Slaw Lane"


(Laff, 1986) Only if you were on Laff, the label releasing Richard Pryor answering machine messages as comedy albums, would it be considered going bigtime moving up to Rhino, to be on the level of your Little Stevie Weingolds and Wild Man Fischers. But this was a step up, and the punnery on the veggie-tastic title track was almost as good as "Wet Dream," and the production (by longtime Poco member, current Elton John sideman, and occasional Weird Al keyboardist Kim Bullard) is the best prodcution serving produce puns of all time. Plus the VIDEO! Still not nearly as  funny as his frist LP, but if he didn't lean into "Wet Dream" he'd be a chump, let Dice tell the dick jokes, and "lettuce" be the ones enjoying this album. 

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