Saturday, August 28, 2021

Mad Magazine presents Up The Academy OST

(Capitol, 1980) This movie was supposed to be a high school version of National Lampoon's Animal House, except National Lampoon provided source material and creative and on camera talent for their movie and MAD provided a poster illustrator, permission to depict a statue of Alfred E. Neuman, and (eventually) $30K to remove the statue and MAD's name from the movie when it aired on TV so MAD's perennially soiled name would not get that soiled. Also, an R-rated movie attached to a magazine with a core readership whose enthusiasm and loyalty usually wane a couple years shy of R-movie age wasn't a genius movie move. That said, I know I went to see it and I was barely half old enough to get in. But I don't recall anything, not even any boobie scenes. This LP did not jar any memories, but it is pretty good. Mostly ringers (Blondie's "X-Offender," Modern Lovers' "Roadrunner," and even Hagar!) with prime real estate given to (brief) Bomp darlings Blow-Up and two cuts (released as a single) by an at par pop band called Cheeks that I don't think existed beyond this. According to IMDB King Coleman acted in this movie, so the soundtrack coulda been better, but considering multiple parties had their name removed from this mess, this is a pretty boss platter.

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