Saturday, July 27, 2013

Bananas Magazine #7

( My only complaint about this NYC-based garage rock omnibus is that it’s too good! How can someone into the earth’s best drunken, hazy, vomit-drenched, fuzzy, ridiculous rock ‘n’ roll have their shit so together as to put out something that does such  a good job covering the international garage rock scene? A job that includes presenting scene reports, band interviews, label retrospectives, record reviews and GUITAR TABLATURE!!! Bananas indeed! And if you’re old enough to have been a little kid in the 70s you’ll recall the original Bananas magazine, a kinda non-naughty Mad knockoff, was edited by Jovial Bob Stine, who was apparantly really bad at initials because he became R. L. Stine in the 80s and made over a billion dollars doing EC/Steven King ripoff books for kids! So maybe these Banana Kings will rule the world one day, too. Also, this issue interviews the Mentalettes, whose record is so good that I I was jonesin’ to know more about them. So THANK YOU!

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