Sunday, July 28, 2013

Gender & Sexuality for Beginners by Jaimie Garbacik

(Random House) With  a broad mission and a wide range of topics, including feminism, homosexuality, gender roles, transgenderism, and basic definitions of sex, gender, and activism, it's hard to imagine what kind of "beginner" wouldn't know any of this, but east to see that most adults could use a refresher/primer on some or all of it. I don't feel qualified to say if there is anything off -kilter or dangerous about the curatorship and presentation of ideas and themes here, it all seems on point to me, but I will say that Jeffrey Lewis' comics and illustrations, which remind me of early, inky issues of Jessica Abel's Artbabe, are pretty awesome. They include nice renderings of the Stonewall Riot, Alfred Kinsey, Foucoult, gay mice, Rebecca Walker, Christine Jorgensen, Bikini Kill, and a well-hung Da Vinci Virtruvian dude.

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