Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Hugh Beaumont Experience "The Cone Johnson EP"

(Cheap Rewards) Maybe the most collectible Texas punk single ever is reissued with new liner notes by guitrist Tommy Duncan. It's understandable why this is considered a near perfect punk single. In London or Manhattan 1981 might seem a little late to be singing about Sid and Nazis, but if you're on eof the only bands in Fort Worth you make your own rules. That the entire thing is sung in a fake British accent that's more Queen haters than Sex Pistols only makes this better, and that the production is shockingly clean (making the poppiest track, "Charrity," positively radio ready) is more of a bonus than it would be if tnhis band was was actually raw or evil, but because they are just awesome kids using punk as a playground and an escape from conformity and boring everyday life the slickness just emphasizes the youthful purity of these Beaver bearers. this single has probably bootlegged, but i'venever seen or held one, and getting this new reissue (from what is becoming quickly a very impressive label) is a joy.

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