Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Limit

(Cheap Rewards) This ambitious early 80s New Orleans band certainly had a chance for New Wave stardom -- "Modern Girl" has all the gusto and seduction of a radio hit, and only a few bizarre rhythm-challenged handclaps keep the awesome "Uh Oh" from rock n roll magic status (no such problems on the more rough-edged, superior, Cars-invoking demo which is also included). Not every song was MTV-ready (the tasty "Candy Rocks" is pretty close, though it has some jarring changes, but "Dream of Love" gave me weird dreams), but that can be said of most MTV bands' catalogues. But hearing this compilation of their spare studio recordings, a couple rarities, and a crowd pleasing live set will convince you that this is a band that genuinely deserves to be a "Where Are They Now?" and not a "Who Were They Then?"

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