Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Rat at Rat R “Amer$ide, Rock and Roll is Dead, Long Live Rat at Rat R”

(ektrorecords.com) I like Ratt, L-O-V-E Good Rats, and probably listen to the Chipmunks every week, but if you ask me the greatest rodent rock record of all time I’d probably say Rat at Rat R’s 1985 debut. It’s visceral stabbings of anguished noisy experimental groovy rhythmic radical strangeness make their predecessors, including Suicide, Sonic Youth, and the No Wave bands, seem primitive, and no one has since made a post-punk record fundamentally better than this. Maybe that’s hyperbole, but I challenge you this: find another band making radical noise this important and solid from that era that was also fun to listen to! This reissue is god’s work!

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