Tuesday, July 30, 2013

MC Trachiotomy "ratsliveonnoevilstar"

(Torrette/Rhinestone) More than just a cute palindrome, New Orleans experimental hip hop deconstructionist MC T has named his long-awaited album after rodents because its dubby glitch grooves are the audio equivalent of a thousand rats gnawing on a thousand electric cables and getting a thousand sizzling shocks. And much like the infinite monkeys with typewriters who eventually write the works of Shakespeare, these sharp-fanged sewer dwellers have created a masterpiece! The lead track, "Creepy Critters," sounds like watching both versions of Invasion of the Body Snatchers back-to-back after drinking three bottles of cough syrup, and "Throw a Party" combines sitcom dream sound effects with the rap song exploding out of the stereo of the car that runs you over when you sleep off an off-night behind a speed bump. This will take you on a Trachi-odyssey!

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