Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra “Playing Fleetwood Mac Rumours”

(Cleopatra) Obviously no argument needs to be made that the compositions on “Rumours” are distinct and strong enough to withstand the challenge of orchestral arrangement/execution. What I did find eye-opening about this album is that the RHO was not particularly compelled to “classical” this up. There are some passages that recall the less compelling populist compositions of Aaron Copeland and his ilk, but most of it just sounds like a grand, if divergent take on easy-going rock n roll. Which makes sense…the idea that an orchestra features old foggies who were not raised on rock and pop is an extinct stereotype. So despite a reimagining of Fleetwood Mac as straightforward classical music being perhaps a more compelling concept, what you get here is more organic and sensible. Guest orchestra-member Peter Frampton coming alive on “Gold Dust Woman” brings that point home.

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