Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Chixdiggit! “Double Diggits!”

(Fat) In the late 90s I couldn’t believe bands were still doing cookie cutter pop punk that late in the dcade. But fifteen years later when you listen back to the stuff you start to hear that the cookies were not all cut with the same cutter. I still can’t see why anyone liked Ben Weasel’s groups, which all have a sour vibe to them, and some of the most popular acts now clearly seem to have been creatively more or cynically less original in ways that make it obvious why they would stand out. But what I’m really starting to hear are how a few bands, including Canada’s Chixdiggit!, really hit the groove and ran with it. This collection of two early albums plus rarities feels fresh, fun, and worth hearing, and while it doesn’t have the edge and humor of NOFX it doesn’t come close to sucking your soul like the Riverdales. Diggit, indeed.

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