Monday, December 7, 2015

Amon Düül II “Düülirium”

(Purple Pyramid) While the term “Krautrock” may be sillier than just using pain ole’ “prog” as a descriptor, I like it, because there seems to have been a lot less rules and a lot more room to experiment in the Can/Faust/Neu-niverse, and Amon Düül was as absurdly experimental as they came. Not sure how many decades it has been since they released a proper album, but with a core of original members, this endeavor proves that little has changed as far as doing whatever the fuck they want. Proudly weird wormhole scrambled egg jazz jumbles go in eleventy directions at once, and I swear, I heard a cat on one track. The vocals are bluesier than one might expect, but maybe one ages into bluesiness. That said, this makes Captain Beefheart sound like Vince Guaraldi.

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