Sunday, December 6, 2015

White Castle Restaurant Recipes Horseradish Mustard

(White Castle Food Products) I do not question the veracity of the claim that this is the restaurant recipe, but I will note that despite eating what I assume is over 1,000 White Castles in my life I have to say I was unaware that they used a Horseradish Mustard. When you order “with everything” at WC you get a dollop a ketchup, a dollop of mustard, a pickle, and micro-diced grilled onions, and it’s the ketchup-mustard combo and the tangy pickles that stand out. In fact, without it, the grey-ish meat is distinctive in texture, odor, and subtle flavor, but for the most part is pretty bland; it only becomes awesome when mixed with the “everything,” of which I had no idea the mustard was supposed to be non-standard. This modestly packaged supermarket shelf dweller is also kind of bland, with neither the mustard-iness or horseradish-ocitiy standing out: they may even be cancelling out each other. But perhaps because White Castles only become special with ingredients working in tandem, maybe I should recognize this as a Voltron-type situation and I shouldn’t hold any individual part to a high standard. Nonetheliss, I keep trying this squeeze jar on everything hoping for it to be better than it is and it never is. Which is the definition of insanity. Either that or eating 1000+ sliders.

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