Wednesday, December 2, 2015

PORK #'s 15-21

( My main concern when this magnificent mongrel malicious miscreant magazine started years back was that they came out of the gate (of hell) so fast it seemed like they would not so much crash, but run out of black smoke-spewing diesel fuel...and they obviously would run out of lowbrow, naughty icon geniuses to interview sooner rather than later, especially because it's a Mom and Pop mag with Sean the Sean doing every cover, half the writing, and most of the misanthropy (with his lovely lady [and kids, too] contributing in many ways, including fabulous fumetti foto funnies). But every issue has proven my fears wrong. Toxic Holocaust, Tina Lugo, V. Vale, and Adam Parfrey have been highlights of the last year, and the comics, reviews, columns (covering wrestling, movies, white trash culture, and general nastiness) are just getting better. I am not always 100% on board with every element of their personal freedom and cultural celebration through abject offensiveness agenda (although the swastika quotient has certainly decreased), but you can't argue with results and determination: this is certainly the most consistently entertaining (and consistently published) rag sopping up gutter scum water these days!

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