Monday, May 24, 2010

Abstract Artimus "They Won't Forget" b/w Flight of Garuda"

(Dingdong) There are a lot of bands in the world...let's be honest, there are way too many fucking bands in the world. My instincts are usually to wish most of them to the cornfield, but my much more rarely utilized impulse is to wish some brilliant act was better able to claw its way to the top of the body heap. This thrilling boogie future punk soul rock n roll dude and his morphing magic act stands out as one of my faves and I can't believe nobody is onto this juju music yet. This single (inconveniently housed in an oversized sleeve) is testament to the terror wreakable by this powerhouse. If Abstract Artimus plays your town that gig is one AA meeting you wan't want to miss!


  1. Dude is a brilliant song writer and tireless performer. Watchout for this guy!

  2. Not only is this guy a very professional musician, he has been through alot in his life time and appriciates the life and the opportunities he hass been given. Although I must say he has followed his dreams! More power to Art with a heart of gold!

  3. Puts on a great show , he is full of energry always gives you a memorable show , his lyrics are fun while at the same time pounding in a message. Great band wish them well . If u haven't heard of them your missing out a must listen band.