Friday, May 28, 2010

The Loons "Red Dissolving Rays of Light"

(Bomp) Considering that 40% of this band is responsible for 80% of the content and design on the 100% best magazine covering 60s garage/punk/psyche music, I am pledging to not reference any other bands in this review, in part to cover my ass considering they must know more than me about every band ever. But what's great here is that despite Mike Stax' background as rock historian and archivist, this is a real band...not an acedemic exercise in reference collage or a nostalgic survey of styles and riffs. In fact, they aren't even retro; this is a set of timeless rock 'n' roll, certainly defined by the psyche-garage-freakbeat guitar tones, but not limited by them, even if they do at times sound like...oops, almost slipped up there. Really strong songwriting (including an ode to their favorite stretch of road in San Diego) makes me Looney for this record!

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