Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Dandeliers and other Great Groups on State "Chop Chop Boom"

 (Delmark) These rare tracks from Chicago's United Records label presents some seriously bad ass doo wop from the mid 1950s. The Dandeliers are one of those groups that didn't seem to get that memo that doo woppers were supposed to smooth out and mellow the harmony music, and subsequently recorded seven tough tracks (plus one low-key gospel-ish one, just to prove they could do it). According to the liner notes (by Robert Pruter) the act got signed while improvising the title track in Washington Park, and amazingly "Chop Chop Boom" isn't even their best nonsense doowop word track called "Shu-Wop" puts it to shame. The other tough group on this comp is a mighty act named the Palms, true unknowns who have some unreleased tracks on this. And on the lost tip The Drakes have two previously unheard songs that seem way to good to go unissued. Even if they had just lent out acetates it seems like someone would have stole "Just A Dream" and "Mellow Daddy" and had hits, but I guess they just needed to gestate a half century. Hopefully Delmark will keep up the good work -- the more lost Chicago 45s I hear the better my food tastes and the better the air smells.

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