Friday, May 21, 2010

The Monkey Power Trio "Tearing Down the Parthenon"

(PSMR) Every year five monkey friends get together and be a band for one day, and write and record some semi-improvised pop tunes they wrote that day with no previous writing or rehearsal. So this is the 14th day of the band's existence, and the 14th year. Tehn, like their monkey house brothers, they fling stuff at the wall and see what sticks, then they release a record every year of the best (?) of the mess. This year's offering of flingings started off slow woth some sappy love stuff, but the b-sode was about a robot manster with telephone hands and a ends with a song that sounds like Daniel Johnston trying to start a Shoes cover band. And it rhymes Africa Sauce with Albatross.

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