Thursday, May 27, 2010

Michael Jackson - The Trial and Triumph of the King of Pop DVD

(rock city) Sure it was easy to make a compelling video by just putting the cameras on the wackos waiting outside the Michael Jackson molestation trial, and sure it was a good idea to release this on what they thought would be the payoff of coinciding with Jackson's return to stage but turned out to be a lot bigger, and sure this has cable access production values. BUT compared with the level of discourse, journalism, and intelligence on Access Hollywood, The Insider, TMZ, etc, this is smarter, more fun, somewhat more balanced (despite being super in favor of Jackson), and easier to watch. Just asking celebs like Kanye, Mo'Nique and Shemar Moore to say something nice about Jackson when you randomly put a camera in their face is probably better than letting their publicist prepare an answer for Billy Bush to read. And what's more fun to watch than kooky MJ impersonators, Euro superfans, and crazed obsessors?

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