Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Chug Chug Inaction, The Paul Show

(King Vermin) These two comix may seem a  little raw to get the slick full color cover treatment rather than the xerox mini-comic deal, but like Chug Chug's favorite team, the Cubs, you can't judge Paul Czarnowski's comix by win columns or talent or silly stuff like's about heart and tradition and getting really drunk before you try to appreciate it! For a Chicago sports fan Chug-Chug's misadventure's will ring true (and if you don't laugh at the punchline "LARRY HIMES!" then maybe you ain't the target audience.). For the general fan Paul's other comic, vaguely biographical tales about work, watching TV and punk rock (he's in an all Simpsons-themed Ramones cover band!). Best comic: Paul getting frustrated because you can't upload a Thin Lizzy LP into an ipod by smashing the vinyl onto the little thing.

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