Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Sovereign

( I've finally decided what bums me out most about the FOX NEWS sponsorship of the Tea Party movement. It makes genuine dissent, genuine kooks, and genuine  revolutionaries look like chumps. A bunch of people should always be against the president, and if they get that way because they've read everything in print or because the voices in their head tell them stuff that's always been cool with me, and I would read their single spaced rants gladly. But now that people are acting like they are grassroot dissidents while being puppeteered by Glenn Beck and Rupert Murdoch it makes anyone against Obama suspect. That sucks, because I don't want to worry if the Sovereign folks are motivated by suckerdom or race fears or whatever, and the Tea Baggers make me think that way! That said, this thick newsprint rag has a lot of stuff to love -- ridiculous pseudonyms for all the writers, semi-coherent political cartoons (the only good kind) and every article illustrated by 80s hardcore and metal imagery. Many of the longer pieces are very thoughtful and persuasive, some of the shorter pieces are by suckers and unimpressive nutjobs, but overall I want to like this. I want to. I am pretty much convinced these aren't FOXed chumps, but there's a little doubt in my mind, best summarized by one letter to the editor in issue 8: PLEASE REMOVE ME FROM YOUR MAILING LIST! TOO MANY LAYERS OF SARCASM...CAN'T FIGURE OUT WHAT SIDE OF THE ISSUES YOU'RE ON."


  1. The Sovereign is especially of interest because it will actually publish counter- opinion pieces by leftists, for example. Find me a leftist paper or journal that will do that! The Sovereign is OPEN... and that's a rare thing nowadays.
    G. Tod Slone, Unemployed PhD and Founding Editor (since 1998)
    The American Dissident, a Journal of Literature, Democracy & Dissidence
    A 501 c3 Nonprofit Providing a Forum for Vigorous Debate, Cornerstone of Democracy
    1837 Main St.
    Concord, MA 01742

  2. Jesus! You guys posted my comment immediately! How rare! Where is the Censor? Where is the moderator? So much censorship today, it's mind-boggling... so, bravo to you guys!
    G. Tod

  3. The Sovereign may seem "wild" to many, but much truth is covered there. Way better than the corporate controlled media which keeps people in the dark, while our treasure and liberty is stolen from us every day