Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Claw Hammer "Deep In The Heart of Nowhere"

(Munster) If L.S.D. was abundant-er in the 90s I would call this audio W.M.D.  a 90s acid flashback. The Art Chantry cover art...the Claw Hammer wall of trash noise...the post-grunge guitar sounds...that feeling that you were about to see a fistfight...it's all here! This is a badass live recording of a 1995 Texas show that was a greatest hits revue of a band with no hits but a lot of bodyblows. "Sick Fish Belly Up" will knock you off your chair, straddle you, and poop on you. "Sticky Thing" will make you boogie to the point of nausea...or vice versa. "Hammer Jam" will either make you giggle or want to watch an episode of Barney Miller while tweaking. Clawsome!

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