Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Verse Vessel video game

(www.VerseVessel.com) This is a video game based on...the bible! Not a common subject for video games where subject matter usually involves shoot-the-police tactics and aliens. It's a topic that people will either love or hate, but this game portrays it...faithfully!
Verse Vessel was created using adobe flash (apparently by ye of little faith in Steve Jobs) and has role playing game elements. You play as an archaeologist piecing word fragments of the bible to the right verses. Every time you're correct you gain experience points and the enemy snake will get attacked. Get an answer wrong and the regal eagle will get hurt. There is a limited edition youth version (Missions of Genesis) which lets you control camels, gather grain, and (of course) shun Sodom.
This is a refreshing break from the everyday shooter. The art is nice, it's pretty well planned out, and it's theoretically not pushing a certain religion: bring your own doctrines to the table or none at all. Completists (not to mention Creationists) can hope for a whole series from start to finish including every book, chapter and verse of both holy texts: The Torah and Bible II: The Return! 
The game runs on my Mac but it says it's also for PC, portions are for PsP, and iPhone/iPod/iPad version are coming.

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