Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pinata Protest "Plethora"

(saustex) If you forgot to buy this record in 2010...good news! The bad had some lineup changes and revamped the recordings with tougher guitar! (But the squeezebox is same as it ever was!) The reason I love listening to Mexican American radio (and actual Mexican radio when I'm in San Diego) is that you hear bouncy accordion oompah music with sing-song singing and folksy aesthetics...and it's actual American Top 40 music that teenagers like! That astounds and thrills me, and despite my Spanish being piss poor I listen for hours and hours of this music every week. So hearing this youthful Texas band speed up Conjunto music and add a punk edge, while still keeping the groove and vibe, makes me super happy. Instead of protesting we should just send a copy of this to every voter in will either make them bang their heads and change their tune...or scare them away from the polls.

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  1. I heard and saw this band just last night..{Friday 8-17-12}...WoW!! They have an energy I've never felt before! The four are intertwined and the commitment level is unmistakable. The accordion mixed with electric guitar makes for a wild fun ride. Add to that an unclassic bass player who is definitely a front burner instead of hanging in the shadows. The drummer is more than a back beat and plays with his heart & soul out there to outright engage the audience. Love the twins on either side of the mesmerizing accordion/singer...{but mom I don't want to learn the accordion}'s anyone's loss not to enrich their lives or their music experience by missing out..They're Forrrreal!!