Thursday, January 26, 2012

The George-Edwards Group "Archives"

(Drag City/GZD) More Motor City weirdness from the group re-discovered a coupla years back by the Galactic Zookeepers. Highlights here include a song about puppets and robots which obviously resonates with folks like me who live with mainly puppets and robots (good workers, bad roommates), and a track called "You're Gone" (which I would have named "March of the Space Frogs") which could be regarded today as a genuine evil garage classic, if it had any drums. Since it instead has the soundtrack to an amphibian army's interstellar laser battle as a backbeat it may prove a harder sell to the Nuggets crowd. The collection ends with a phaseshifting journey into the inner brain of a madman, which pretty much sums the whole shebang up nicely. Won't you be that madman?

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