Sunday, January 29, 2012

Savage Damage Digest

($7.50 each, write to for info) The first two issues of this massive, magnificent magazine are out, and Corey Michael Linstrum should be extremely proud of his hard rockin’ baby. First of all, this is a real-assed zine! It’s full of fanatical, knowledgeable writing, tons of Xerox-quality fotos and record label reproductions, and the glorious miscegenation of pro and amateur aesthetics that commercial press abhors. Most importantly, the writing and info is awesome, covering the trashier side of rock, punk, and garage with obsessive zeal. Issue one has an exploration of the “lost” years of Link Wray, his 70s recordings (and productions of others, many done in his rural chickenshack studio). Amazing analysis, research, and writing abound! Issue 2 does the same with Ross the Boss, not shunning his punk for his metal, or vice versa. But it’s the features on bands you don’t know, including access to the photo archives and brains of lost genius rockers that puts these over the top. You will be graciously appreciative of being savagely damaged!

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