Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Kentucky Headhunters "live/Agora Ballroom May 12 1990"

(Mercury) Doesn't seem like it should be over 20 years since these southern rockin' cats managed to crossover. I never saw them but saw the two brothers at the heart of the act playiing as a duo withon a year or two of this amazing concert, featuring a few of their originals that sound like country classics ("Dumas Walker," "Some Folks Like to Steal") and actual classics by Doug Sahm. Don Gibson, and ol' Hank, of course, plus some blues and rock 'n' roll just to make it clear that they can jam! Not much to say here except that this was a kickass live, band, this is an ace album, and that I totally forgot about this group and this jarred my memory nice-ways.

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