Sunday, January 29, 2012

8-Track Mind Magazine #101

( The legendary, enigmatic, strange zine returns, but this time instead of pondering an obsolete musical format, they have some of the greatest figures from the golden age of zine publishing (present company notably – and slightly offendedly -  excluded…though I do appreciate anyone not asking me to work) to ponder the fate of the perhaps obsolete reading format known as the printed zine. Both abandoners of print (Kim Cooper of Scram, Danny Plotnick of Motorbooty) and stubborn holdouts (Lance Laurie of Snackbar Confidential and Joe Carducci, who uses his blog to workshop his future books) are invited atop the soapbox , as well as 8-Track Mind all-stars of yore (some of whom work the conversation back to magnetic tape). This actually may be the best ever issue ever of 8TM, as it often was just an extended letters section, with the editor turning over the pages to the interesting folks who wrote in, but here, by making everyone stay on point, he has his fascinating friends make some powerful cumulative arguments.

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