Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Chris Ligon and the Problems “This is Your Night”

(Clang!) First of all: GENIUS! Second of all: I, historically, have a pretty low standard for genius (i.e: guy who did voiceovers in Morris the Cat commercials…genius! Rappin’ Duke…genius!). That said, I have forever been captivated with the specific way Ligon twangs it up, incorporating Opry/Hee Haw style humor, but then subverting country music’s clever wordplay tradition by injecting absurdity, jazz, cabaret aesthetics, and Spike Jones anarchy. Problems solved! Sidenote: I actually heard someone on NPR mispronounce “Grand Ole Opry” last week, using a long “O”, as if Oprah had something to do with it.

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