Friday, February 11, 2011

Blue Coupe "Tornado on the Tracks"

( Should be called the Blue Truth, because they tell it like it is! Listening to this CD the first time I was pleasantly befuddled -- some songs sound like Dylan and some sound like Spinal Tap's "Sex Farm," yet they never seemed to be joking. Then I looked closer at the CD and saw it was written and performed by two founding members of BOC (the Bouchards) and the great Dennis Dunaway of the original Alice Cooper Group, and it made more sense. When the Blue Oysters and the A. Coopers get together than everything (other than the silly hybrid band name) can be simultaneously sincere and beautifully absurd. This all-killer, no filler album goes from boogie to Byrds to badass without missing a gear, taking out any doubts and questions and challenges. It's a real (blue) coup!

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