Wednesday, February 16, 2011

JD McPherson "Signs & Signifiers"

(Hi-Style) What's happening to Chicago? We're gonna have our first non-South Side mayor in forever, and now the best tune written about local chicks in decades is called "North Side Gal?" I would think we could at least expect a singer named McPherson to be from Bridgeport or Beverly. But that aside, this killer album is as solid a slab of vintage rock 'n' soul you'll be hearing from any corner of any city anytime soon. With ace production work by Jimmy Sutton, and with JD providing classic songwriting and a strong, soulful voice, this old time rockabilly/R&B gem never brings to mind hokey oldies sock hop poodle skirt goofiness but instead delivers some true to heart joys and aches. If he's this good he can sing about a Winnetka Gal for all I care and I'll still be on board.

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