Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Michael Schenker Group "30th Anniversary Concert Live in Tokyo" DVD, CD

(inakustik) I'm not going to lie - although I dig UFO, I've seen the Scorps a few times and I like me some Schenker(s, Rudolf gets some love, too),  I really don't know M.S.G. from a Chinese flavor enhancer. That said, this DVD (which I recommend over the CD, though die hards may dig that, too) is pretty awesome even when I have to just fake it when Brit vocalist Gary Burden announces that I'm gonna know the next one. I assume this is the early lineup of the band, heard on the previous live in Japan album from the early 80s that used to be a pretty common slab of used vinyl. But even having not heard that record, and honestly having heard none of these joints, it's still easy to get into a concert that's shot so well, sounds so good,  and features a band where everyone has kept their health, dignity and most of their hair together for the last quarter century (we forgive the Mike Love baseball hat Barden). They all rock so fucking hard, and the camerawork, chops, and chemistry between band members is totally spot on. And of course, what is more fun to watch than polite Japanese metal fans quietly rocking out?

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