Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Greatest Bits "Mega Man II"

( I have never played Mega Man 2, a Nintendo game from the early 90s, but anyone who played home or arcade games anytime between the late 70s and the mid 90s will recognize the vibe of 8-bit computer game music, not only because of the limitations and peculiarities necessitated by the technology, but because of the playfulness, drama, and (no pun intended) hack-ishness of the compositions. Greatest Bits remixes, re-imagines, spruces up, and plays around with this archival material (considered by some a classic video game soundtrack) and manages to keep everything sounding simultaneously cheap and blippy yet full and modern. Most importantly, as some of the more challenging 8-bit artists either ignore or choose to contradict, this sounds fun, and fun is what video games are supposed to be about.

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