Friday, February 11, 2011

Megan Slankard “A Token of Wreckage”

( I just saw a comedy show where famous singer-songwriters were working as domestics because the music the industry is so weak. It was funny, but to my ears I can honestly say I’ve never understood what lifted certain songbirds out of the coffeehouse/day job grind and onto the A-list. Certainly I’ve heard some duds, but there are so many stellar women out there crafting music magic that it’s hard to understand what the gatekeepers of fame are thinking. How could Slankard possibly have a better voice? Or write better songs? Or be more charismatic? I haven’t heard anthing from her in a while, but I am pretty sure her strong material back then didn’t touch the great siren stories on this album, which her expressive voice sells like shovels in a snowstorm. Maybe she just needs a catchier name. How about Mygyn S’lankárd?

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