Saturday, February 5, 2011

Quintron "Ring the Alarm" b/w "Jamskate"

(Bachelor) Mr. Quintron of New Orleans, Louisiana is without question one of the greatest living entertainers alive living today! His organ/oscillator/maracas/beat machine masterpieces have dabbled in punk, art rock, noise, nature sounds, garage rock, and everything else, but it rockets into the ethersphere when he makes party music. And not regular human being party music, but insane, sweaty, bizarre, freaky, wild, underground party music and by underground we mean Mole People-depth underground. When Miss Pussycat punctuates the pandemonium with backup singing that places her somewhere between sexy siren and crazed cackler the proverbial "whole 'nother level" is reached. These two anthems deeply justify the previous four hyperbolic sentences.

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