Monday, February 28, 2011

Mongrel Zine #9

( Other than the brilliant Kicks (which refused to cover new bands) I can't recall much of a zine scene during the questionable garage rock revival of the 80s (Midnight Records, and such), but during the 90s revival there were tons of mags to go along with Estrus/Ripoff/whatever record labels that were out there. Now that there's this amazing, lengthy 21st century wave of garage goings-on I would expect a million posh publications, even with the internet fouling up the print scene, but there's really only enough to count on the fingers on one hand of a clumsy deli clerk. And the best of the bunch is this Maple leaf rag, which covers one man bands, poster artists, snotty young garage acts, prolific Quebequese rock n roll hip hop witches (or at least one), festivals, underground movie stuff, and every obscure slab of vinyl the dinosaurs sacrificed their lives to produce. Mondo Mongrel 4EVA!

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