Saturday, February 26, 2011

Local Comics #67

($1, Michael Goetz 1340 Brandywine Dr Rockford IL 61108) When I was in L.A. I was talking to this pretty comedy lady who's on TV alot and she was saying that being from Rockford no one was famous other than Cheap Trick and then i mentioned Weasel Walter and she was excited to try to gauge if he counts as famous and how she ranks in the Rockford fame hierarchy now that there were three points on the graph, and it was a relatively fun little chat. But it would have gotten to the awesome level had I started vociferously arguing that despite his obscurity cartoonist Michael Goetz deserves to be atop the Rock-chart simply because he's put out so many self-published, pun-riddled, ridiculous minicomix over his lengthy career that he must rival Chick tracts as far as distro goes...even if he only printed 10 of each issue that would be about a million copies already!

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