Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Del Moroccos "Blue Black Hair"

(Histyle) For regulars of the last few decades of Chicago Rockabilly night (in all it's forms) or even curiosity seekers who just dropped in now and then, everyone in this group is such a familiar face that it's hard to believe this group would be better than a fun rootsy jam band. Seriously, how often could an all star group with the head honcho's ol' lady singing be actually awesome? Well, at least once! This album is so much fun that you will be tossngn furniture aside and dancing like a wildchild  after the first few bars. What's best here is that this manages to be super authentic 50s-style Wanda/Collins Kids/Ronnie Dawson party rockabilly, yet never succumbs to sounding like dated, historical recreation work. This is contemporary super fun music as up-to-date as a Nicki Minaj guest rap, that just happens to feature songs previously performed by Big Maybelle, the Jades, and Bill Haley.

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