Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Widower DVD

(Alternative Tentacles) Although this is more a romantic comedy about a gentle-mannered elderly husband and his corpse wife - "Weekend at Bernies" meets "When Harry Met Sally" if you will - it's easiest to enjoy this as the horror movie it's not. Because then you can forgive bad acting, cheap makeup (the old man looks about 25 with oatmeal stuck on his face for wrinkles), and weak script in horror, because the cheesier a monster movie is the better. But honestly, this is a pretty easy Z-movie to watch, especially considering the 79 minute runtime, and the cameos by Jello Biafra, Joey Shithead, and Nardwuar (as the donut dealer who feeds the bumbling cops who follow the nosy neighbor on the dead wife's trail). You will not laugh or cry or become the Widower, but you'll never be as judgmental about necrophilia again. Bonus features include a CD of the soundtrack (with some great tracks by Nardwuar's Goblins band, Smugglers, D.O.A. and Coal), and a short b&w version of the movie that's even cheaper (and better).

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