Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Atlantic Manor "The World Beneath this World is Brightening - Nine Songs"

(Do Too) I generally prefer fast to slow, loud to quiet, and gut feeling to thinking, but I have loved every slow, quiet, introspective, moody Atlantic Manor release ever, mainly becuase he manages to make low key, sad, outsider folk music that doesn't sound like anybody else's stuff. In the past I've compared him to Jandek, and the cover art and d.i.y. and mystery aspects of this one go along with that (as well as a few of the resonating bent notes here and there). But to be fair, Atlantic Manor is outsider only in the sense that he doesn't seem to be interested in playing the music biz game, not because his skillset is off kilter or "challenged" the way some of the weirder Jandek stuff is. This dude knows exactly what he's doing.

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