Thursday, April 14, 2011

O. Rex "My Head's in '73!"

(Gulcher) If this release left out the two CDs and the case contained nothing but the front cover photo of a no-chance-in-hell-to-make-it trio of incongruous dudes looking more confident and badass than any arena rockers ever did, this would still be my favorite release of the year. "My Head's in '73" contains about fifty (!) early 70s ultra no-fi tracks of DIY garage metal punk l trash mush that is so intense, pure, and ridiculous that you'll want to start an O. Rex cover band. In fact, I want to start a band that covers their cover versions (their stakes on Cream and Seeds songs made me cream my seed). I guess I'm supposed to have heard of them before and be excited about this release because O. Rex had a coveted single (included here), had a future Gizmo in the band, and became Afrika Korps, but this is my first O. Rex exposure and the mix of genuinely funny songs, a few kind of moving rock anthems, and a bunch of pure rock 'n' roll, blow me the fuck away. I wish I had the words to convince you to buy this, but I'll leave it simply at BUY THIS!!!!!!!!

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