Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Terminal City Ricochet DVD

( I'm kind of shocked I never heard of this punk rock dystopia epic, not only because it's pretty good and ridiculous, but also because it's pretty damn good and ridiculous. What should by all accounts be a totally no budget film somehow crafts totally believable post-cultural apocalypse hellscapes, a credible exposed brain child special effect, and the best story of rock n roll terrorism since Bono led that real-life African coup. Just chalk it all up to Canadian know how. And there you have the reason few ever heard of this film -- it's way too Canadian to gain Repo Man cult status. It's hard for the other 194 countries of earth to wrap its collective head around a world where the virtuous messianic figure is a punch drunk hockey player and where a victorious revolution is celebrated by having a D.O.A. dance party. Actually D.O.A. is really good in this, and Joey deftly plays a (non hockey) goon, and speaking of punk thespianism, Jello Biafra does his best ever acting as a vile villain. Actually, I'm going to conclude the reason this movie may have fell off cult radar is that it came out a few months late. To do a hardcore punk themed/anti-rock n roll dystopia movie in 1990 places you just barely into the wrong decade for such things. But 20 years later, who cares? This is great, and the bonus CD of D.O.A. and Nomeansno songs (amongst others) is worth its weight in Canadian dollars!

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