Monday, April 11, 2011

Thomas Dolby "Oceanea" EP

( I hate to review a press release rather than the music, but did you know that in addition to his memorable solo career as an eccentric synth wielding futuristic old time dandy in the early 80s Dolby tickled the electro-ivories on Foreigner's "Waiting for a Girl Like You" and Def Leppard's "Pyromania" LP, plus he produced Whodini? I'm sure you didn't know he currently records on a solar and wind-powered 1930s lifeboat?  The EP is a little less blow-your-mind-ish than those previous factoids. This nautically-themed (though alternative energy source lyrical reference free) three song suite features lush, peaceful, low key compositions that sound nothing like Dolby's 80s hits, yet demonstrates how distinctive a talent he is, as the vocals and synth lines are completely recognizable. As TD says, so poetically, "There are no fucking love boats?" Indeed.

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